April 30, 2010

Things I humbly request via care package

Thank you Mom, Dad, Becky, Landon, and Grandma and Grandpa! I was really having a rough period and I got three packages on one day and it was a real turning point, thank you so much!

*Recent issues of the Economist or the New Yorker are always appreciated!
*Anything you've read recently and enjoyed.
*Music. Best to put it on a flash disk. Send anything you want although I'd really like Panda Bear "Tomboy" and whatever Top 40 music is out there these days. Shut up AJ.

I'm pretty well covered as far as clothes go, the second hand markets here are a treasure trove for the intrepid, but if you'd like to send something it would be appreciated all the same. Here are my measurements:
*Shirts M or a 15-34 I've heard merino wool T-shirts are the bees knees and I wouldn't mind trying it out.
*Pants 32 x 32 although I'm probably closer to a 30x 32 on the Peace Corps diet.
*Shoes 10. Some Merino wool socks would probably be a good thing here also.

*Cliff bars are a wonderful treat.
*Protein powder is also good stuff.
*Country Time Lemonade for Arnold Palmers.
*Gatorade powder is great too, while I'm at it.
*Home baked cookies! Chocolate chip, Kringla, snickerdoodles in that order.
*Raisins, craisins, apricots
*Blueberry pancake mix
*Velveeta Mac and Cheese

*Hair ties. Nice, good, thick hair ties. My pony tail is in full effect.

14 Piece Knife Set RECIEVED!
Whoa! This came out of the blue and these knifes are awesome! Another killer care package, Dad!
Single serving french press RECIEVED!
Dad, I use this thing every day! Thank you a thousand times!
ExOfficio boxer briefs RECIEVED!
My buddy AJ sent me an email asking if there was anything on my list that hadn't been sent. "Let me know and I'll send it...i'm not sending you underwear though. That's just weird." Duly noted AJ, that's what mothers are for. Thanks mom!


I have a big giant American flag and a huge poster of Adrian Peterson doing that thing I like.

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Andy said...

Is anyone sending you these things? I'm in Singapore in transit to Thailand and I could probably put together a care package for ya buddy. Let me know what you've got already via e-mail.

P.S. nice Nigel pic