June 21, 2009

founding principles

This is where I'll post updates, clever witticisms, and half baked insights collected during the coming years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guinea.

(I) Brevity.
I don't like writing long posts and you don't like reading them. We can build on that.

(II) Humor
If you can watch this Journey video straight through without cracking a smile...I dunno. You probably won't get this blog.

(III) Input
I do not intend for this to be a one way conduit of information.

This blog serves limited purpose if my writing isn't worth your reading.

Leave anonymous comments telling me I'm a boor and a hack when it's deserved. Likewise send flowering praise or clever haiku for a particularly inspired dialogue.

And that's that.

1 comment:

Paul said...

OK Jake,

I cracked a smile on the video. Safe journeys and safe arrivals...too. Hoping this process stretches and opens you.

Uncle P.