August 13, 2009

it's alright ma (i'm only bleeding)

i got hit by a motorcycle. no joke. full head on collision. me on foot verses a speeding motorbike. i didn't even hit the deck, just a gash on the leg and a limp for a couple days. it's alright ma! i'm only bleeding!

there are two malaria medications. one is taken weekly and gives you night terrors and pale skin. the other is taken daily and makes you a lovely shade of sunburn pink. it also causes the birth control i'm not taking to cease function. anyways, i'm a well rested pink skinned volunteer.

they say you always forget to pack something. i forgot a headlamp and a shamwow. c'est la vie.

after two separate tours in asia and one month in country, i lost my squat toilett virginity today. i was originally going to store "it" for a couple days but...well, i guess i couldn't.

Barak Obama's face is everywhere here. everywhere.

i'm out.

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