September 25, 2009

sworn in like sin

I'm officially a full fledged volunteer. I'm not sure what else to say about that. I'm in Conakry right now and I'm set to leave for my village on Sunday.

I'm not really in a blogging mood right now so I'd like to direct your attention to the Failed States Index website. Do notice that Guinea clocks in at a respectable #9 overall behind Somolia, Iraq, Sudan, and A-Stan. Tough competition for sure. Happily Guinea is a more failed state than Pakistan and North Korea. Take that Kim Jong Il!

It's kind of an inside joke with the other volunteers (we feel like we get hardcore points!) and I don't want to trivialize the very real issues that Guinea needs to confront...and here it comes....BUT there's so much that's wonderful about where I am and what I've seen/done/lived and the people I've met. I'll try to get a more coherent thought down to paper sometime soon.

I'll be out of email/phone contact for the next month or so. Take care! I love the letters and care packages! You really don't know how good it feels to get something/anything from home.

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